Research on CBD Oil for Acne

The research on CBD oil for acne is now offering hope for people who suffer this unwelcome condition. Acne is a part of life for many people during their adolescence, and it tends to cause quite a bit of stress among teenagers, who feel that it causes issues with their appearance. However, most of the time, the acne will fade away as the person exits their teen years and enters full adulthood. However, that is not always the case. Many adults also suffer from acne, and this can cause severe social anxiety, depression, and even pain in some instances.

Having acne as an adult can occur for a range of reasons including abnormal hormone levels, stress, or even stopping the use of birth control pills. In addition, certain types of medications can cause acne, including anti-seizure drugs, corticosteroids, and lithium. In addition, not taking proper care of the skin can result in acne outbreaks, as well. dermatologists recommend washing the face two times per day with cool or warm water, and a gentle cleanser. They also say you should dab the skin dry rather than rubbing it dry.

However, there are some cases of acne that cleansing, over the counter medications, and even dermatologists have a very hard time treating. In those cases, it might be in the best interest of severe acne sufferers to think outside of the box and consider the benefits that CBD oil might offer when it comes to clearing up acne.

How Could CBD Oil Help Acne Problems?

Research into cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has shown that it can be quite effective when it comes to getting rid of acne. It has the capability to clear the skin of outbreaks and provide added moisture to the skin layers. By utilizing hemp oil regularly, it can reduce acne and provide the clear skin that the sufferer so badly desires.

A study from the University of Debrecen in Hungary looked into just how CBD could help with acne. The head of the study, Tamas Biro, found that CBD was a very effective way to deal with acne, as it would “inhibit lipid synthesis” while still allowing the cells to be viable. In addition, when used properly, it does not cause the skin to dry out as so many of the over the counter products will do. If the skin were to dry out, it would cause itching on the face, which is merely trading one problem for another. This study, and others, concluded that CBD oil could work well for acne.

The use of CBD oil and tinctures to help with skin conditions have been the subject of other studies, as well, and they agree that this substance can work. For example, a study in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBD could help to “control cell differentiation and proliferation”, which they believe makes it useful for helping with a range of skin conditions.

In addition, it has been found that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which again helps to control acne. Anyone who has ever suffered from acne knows that the skin around the pimples tends to be inflamed, and sometimes painful. These pimples are essentially infections, and the CBD is antibacterial, which is yet another property that makes it the ideal solution for acne in so many cases.

Another one of the reasons so many people are now considering the use of CBD oil for acne treatments, as well as for other health issues, is the fact that it is natural and safe. For far too long, people have been eager to utilize chemicals and manmade concoctions for their health issues, they have been smearing Accutane and other items on their face in the hopes that it will clear up. However, using hemp oil is a much gentler and natural way to get great results and the clear skin they deserve.

Applying the CBD Oil

Topical applications of CBD oil are completely safe. You will not feel the burning and stinging pain that you might find with the typical alcohol based pads and products that were once so popular in the fight against acne.

It is recommended that you utilize the oil by rubbing it onto your face – after you have washed your hands – once per day for at least 12 weeks to see a big difference in the skin condition. This can help to control the acne and oily skin, and many find that continuing with this once a day treatment can help them to keep their skin clear. Keep in mind that like any medication, if you stop taking it, there is still a possibility that the problem could return. Your best option is to make sure you have plenty of the CBD oil on hand and just make it a part of your daily routine.

Will This Work for Everyone?

While there is no research that says CBD will clear away all acne problems, quite a few people have used this type of treatment with success. Those who have tried all of the other methods to remove their acne may want to attempt CBD oil. It could provide you with the help you need. While this is not a recognized treatment for acne in all medical circles, the studies and the words of those who have used it to help with their skin problems should be more than enough to at least make you want to try this method. This is especially true if you have found nothing else is working, or the over the counter products are simply too harsh on your face.

In addition, it is a good idea to start taking better care of your skin. Wash, as recommended, and do not leave makeup on overnight. Eating certain foods, and smoking, can exacerbate acne, too, so you will want to watch what you are putting into your body. When you take these precautions, and you utilize CBD oil on your face, it can improve the chances of having that clear skin that you’ve always wanted.

Research Studies on the effects of CBD oil to treat Acne

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