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Exclusive CBD extracts with proven results.

Green Flower products enjoy an average 
*33% Product Re-Order Rateestablishing our exclusive extracts as one of the most trusted & reliable CBD brands on the market.

As a Green Flower Botanical’s distributor, your customers and clients will now have the opportunity to purchase our exclusive – full & ultra broad spectrum, strain-specific, CBD extracts. Each of our premium formulations are a proprietary extract of Green Flower Botanicals and is exclusive to our product line. Green Flower products stand unmatched in the CBD market space for variety, potency, and efficacy. 


Bring our Premium CBD Extracts into your Store or Dispensary
Advantages of a Wholesale Partnership with Green Flower
Who can purchase CBD oil wholesale from Green Flower?
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Purchase CBD Oil Extracts in Bulk for Maximum Savings and Flexibility 


Bring our Premium CBD Extracts into your Store or Dispensary 

Give your customers the products they want – the health they deserve. With Green Flower Botanicals, your customers will have the opportunity to purchase our exclusive full & ultra broad spectrum, strain-specific, CBD Extracts. These extracts are exclusive formulations to Green Flower Botanicals and are unavailable from our competition.




Advantages of a wholesale partnership with Green Flower Botanicals 


  • Exclusive Strain-Specific CBD Extracts 
    When you compare all other CBD manufacturers against each other you are going to find they are primarily the same with the exception of price vs potency. Aside from clever marketing copy, there is no real distinction among the various brands and the products they offer. To the contrary, if you have a customer who wants an 1800mg ACDC Strain-Specific CBD oil, there is only one company who makes that extract, Green Flower Botanicals. Have you heard about the Trainwreck strain’s high humulene content and its tremendous ability to relieve arthritic type pain? You only have one option if you’re looking for a Trainwreck CBD strain, Green Flower Botanicals. There are all kinds of places to buy cheap CBD oil. There’s only one brand who formulates high-quality CBD strain products

  • 0.0% THC Products
    For a variety of reasons, people do not want a CBD product that contains THC. Sometimes the concern is over getting high or the possibility of failing a drug test. Your customers can rest assured in our 0.0% THC products that they will not experience any type of psychoactive effects or unwanted THC that would trigger a positive drug test. 0.0% THC products are also popular among parents.

  • Low Percentage Trace THC Products
    For those not scared of carrying products with trace amounts of THC there’s a special reward. Our Colorado Harvest CBD oils currently have .11% THC which is almost 75% lower than the federal legal threshold (<.3%) for THC in hemp-based CBD products. The reward is that you will find these trace THC products will outsell other CBD products often times 2-to-1. For example, our .11% THC Colorado Harvest consistently outsells our 0.0% THC Kentucky Harvest oil 2-to-1 despite the fact that the Kentucky oils are $10 cheaper and have the same exact amount of CBD per bottle. **These products are well within federal guidelines and are legal to sell per federal regulations. We carry both 0.0% THC and low percentage trace THC products to meet your customer’s needs.
    ** State regulations and governing laws may vary.

  • Full & Ultra Broad Spectrum Extracts 
    All of our products are either full-spectrum or ultra-broad spectrum extracts, maintaining all of the bonded trace cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids found in the source hemp plant. Despite many of our competitors switching to isolates or using isolates to tweak potency levels, we remain committed to the power of the entourage effect and preserving the natural bonds provided in a whole-plant extract. 

  • Every Batch is 3rd Party Tested
    For quality control, we test every batch to ensure overall cannabinoid content, terpene content, and THC content. Tests are also done to assure there are no harmful metals, pesticides or molds in our extracts.

  • Low Order Minimums
    You can open a wholesale account at Green Flower with a one-time $750 minimum first order. Subsequent orders do not have to meet minimum dollar amounts and are only subject to the minimum quantity discount levels. For small orders, units can be mixed and matched to meet the minimum unit requirements.

  • Easy Online Ordering
    Once your account is established, online ordering is easy via your wholesale account login. 

  • Coop Advertising
    We love it when you advertise our products. Want to run a series of radio commercials, rent a billboard or mail out postcards? Contact us about your promotion and see if you qualify for up to 50% reimbursement on your campaigns when you promote Green Flower Botanical’s products.

  • World Class Customer Service
    We built our brand one customer at a time. We love helping our wholesale customers succeed. If you have any questions, problems or ideas just give us a call and we’ll be happy to roll up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps and help you out. 



Who can purchase CBD oil wholesale from Green Flower?


  • Health Food & Retail Stores
  • Health & Beauty Salons
  • Qualified Dispensaries
  • Veterinarians & Feed Stores
  • Doctors & Health Clinics
  • Health Practitioners (Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Etc.)
  • Online eCommerce Sites


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Start your own CBD oil brand with our naked label products.

When the time is right for your own private label products, you can trust Green Flower Botanicals to deliver premium grade, full & ultra-broad spectrum CBD extracts in the product formulations and quantities you need. Always in-stock, on-time, and ready for your label! Contact us about naked label products.





Purchase CBD Oil extracts in bulk for maximum savings and flexibility.

Our entire product line can be purchased in bulk containers. ($5,000 minimum order applies.)

Our bulk sales programs will allow you to purchase any of our branded CBD oil extracts in large quantities. We also provide custom formulation services to meet your product specifications. Looking to buy in kilo quantities? We can assist you with large quantity kilo purchases as well. Contact us about bulk oil sales.

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* Based on 2018 Q3 – Q4 new sales vs returning sales analysis