Valencene - Terpene

Valencene – Terpene


EFFECTS: Anti-inflammatory.
Strains containing Valencene include: ACDC.

Valencene is a bicyclic sesquiterpene with a sweet, fresh, citrusy, grapefruit, woody, orange odor. Valencene has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, lowering the levels of inflammatory markers in macrophages.





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Valencene in the oil of Cyperus rotundus rhizomes was shown to increase heme oxygenase -1 expression, which was correlated with significant inhibition of iNOS/NO production in LPS-activated RAW264.7 cells. Valencene also showed inhibition of high mobility group box-1 in LPS-activated macrophages and increased survival rates in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis in mice. It was concluded that through HO-1 induction, anti-inflammatory effects were observed.