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Our mission is to provide our customers with safe, effective hemp-derived cannabis oils as an alternative to prescription drugs, OTC drugs and other dangerous harsh chemicals. Nature still makes the best medicine!

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  • I have suffered my entire life from sleep apnea. As you know, with out sleep is really hard to have energy for work, to focus and just to enjoy life. I tried this product after a friend referred this product to me. I now sleep for a full 7 hours (where before I was at maybe 2-3 hours a night), I feel a decrease in joint pain (as I'm a mechanic and on my feet all day). I also suffer from A.D.D., and it really allows me too be more productive and focused through out my day. Thank you Green Flower Botanicals for making a quality product that has changed my life.

    - Alex, FL

  • CBD oil is absolutely amazing!! I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I was taking 28 anxiety pills per week (4 per day) before taking CBD oil. I decided to try CBD b/c I wanted a natural treatment without the negative side effects caused by prescription drugs. WOW! I'm so impressed! After the first 3 days of taking the lowest dosage (100mg- 3 drops, 3x daily), I was able to reduce my anxiety prescription medication to only 1 pill per day....7 pills per week instead of 28! I've since increased my CBD dosage to 300 mg - 3 drops, 3x daily and I've completely eliminated the need for the prescription anxiety medication. Zero panic attacks and zero anxiety pills! Unbelievable!The product is not only stellar but the customer service is outstanding as well! I had some questions about the product and called customer service. The call was immediately answered by one of the business owners who enthusiastically educated me on the company and products! Shipping is always same day (usually within the same hour of ordering).I've recommended CBD and this brand to many people so far and will continue to do so! My friends and family who have already ordered are equally impressed!Thank you Green Flower Botanicals for such an amazing product!

    - Kimberly, FL

  • I have ADHD and have tried Adderall and other medications, which I hated the side affects of. CBD oil provides me singularity of thought that makes me more productive through out the day. I'm also a dog groomer on my feet all day, I have found a decrease in pain since taking it. I've tried other products, and really believe Green Flower Botanicals are producing the best quality product on the market.

    - Jeanne, FL

  • I can't say enough good things about this stuff.I have seen a significant difference in my joint and muscle pain in a very short amount of time For anyone who has been thinking about trying this product and hasn't done it yet .... don't wait it's worth every penny!

    - Wendy, PA

  • After a couple of days of trying your full spectrum oil, my wife said she did notice a reduction to her pain, so we will be ordering more of that next time. I have also been using your CBD isolate/VG tincture. I’m a little embarrassed to mention this, but it seems to have a positive effect on my sex life. I had my prostate removed about 6 years ago and have had some reduced feelings during sex. However, like I said, I am experiencing an increase in sensitivity and thought I would pass that along in case anyone else has mentioned that.

    - Anonymous, WA

  • I cannot say enough about the Green Flower Botanicals CBD oils. Our daughter is 9-months-old and was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myloid Leukemia) back in August of this year. She started her first round of Chemo treatments on September 24th. I administered the CBD oils hoping it would help with the harsh side affects of chemo. We were informed that we could expect fatigue, nausea, vomiting, agitation, mouth sores, and hair loss after chemo treatments. Today is day 9 and she has only experience the fatigue. Honestly she is still her normal self playing and smiling at everyone who comes in her hospital room. The doctors have supported our use of the CBD oils. They are amazed with how well my daughter is doing thus far. She still has about 5 more months of treatments left and we will keep administering the CBD oils daily.As a side note, the oils have not shown up in blood work at all.

    - Amy, FL

  • My husband is on his feet at least 8 hours a day. He started using the CBD oil drops in May and within a week and a half he noticed a big difference in the pain/tingling in his feet & also he can see more clearly, like things aren't as blurry.As his wife, I notice that his legs and feet aren't as cold at night as they used to be, so it must help with his circulation/diabetes somehow.The end of May, we ordered the CBD Cream and it works very well! I rubbed it on the bottoms of his feet and he told me that the pain almost instantly went away.I was kinda skeptical, so I used it on my shoulder/neck area after being sore from exercising & he is right, it worked! It's nice to discover ways to treat pain and other ailments without harsh (any) side effects. These products are amazing!

    - Tracy, FL

  • So my hubby got way too hot yesterday building fence in a swamp and didn't take any water or anything to eat. I took him a banana, some coconut water and some cashews. When he got home he looked like hell, gray, bloodshot eyes, painful. He came inside took a cold shower and put an icepack on the back of his neck. I gave him a dropper of the CBD super oil and in literally 5 minutes he jumped up and was fine...and very very amorous I might add! Thanks!

    - Robbie, FL

  • I have been suffering from post-partum depression for well over a year now after having my daughter. Anxiety and depression became such a struggle for me that I couldn't get things done during the day and could barely bring myself to take care of my daughter, let alone play with her or take her outside to do things. I am very outdoorsy and LOVE being outside, so wanting to not move or go outside was very unlike me and extremely hard to deal with. I began seeing a phycologist and he prescribed me with numerous different medications for anxiety and depression. I hated this because I believe lifestyle and what I consume could help fix these issues and I was VERY against prescription medications.. I just didn't know what else do to and wanted a quick fix.After well over 6 months of struggling mentally and emotionally to handle the ups and downs that come with taking anti-depressants I finally decided that I would do WHATEVER it took to heal myself WITHOUT having to take these nasty medications that made me more anxiety-ridden and depressed if I didn't take it on time. I had heard of CBD oil and decided to look more into it.After a lot of research and searching I finally came across Green Flower Botanicals. I knew I wanted a full spectrum oil, but when I found their strain-specific oils (something I had never seen on ANY other site) I was immediately drawn in. I loved it shows the qualities of each strain and what it works best for.I ordered the Durban Poison strain to combat my stress, depression, and fatigue that I had been experiencing for so long. It came in the mail extremely fast and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how effective it was on just the first does. I hadn't taken any anti-depressentants that day and was understandably feeling very lethargic and down because of it. I took the recommended dose of 3-5 drops, only taking 3 to start, thinking that I would definitely need more. But in less than 20 minutes I could physically feel my anxiousness and sadness lift. I was so surprised that I was able to feel it with the minimum dosage and on the first time trying it. I immediately was raving about it to my friends and family that I had talked about CBD oil with previously. I was that happy about it.I have been continually taking about 3-5 drops twice a day and it is amazing how effective it is. I don't feel the weight in my chest holding me back anymore, or the intense feeling of doubt and stress anytime I even think about needing to do something. I move easier throughout my day and my happiness levels have gone up tremendously. I can't even describe how happy I am that I found something NATURAL to combat my severe anxiety, depression and fatigue. I have more desire and energy to play with my daughter and be the mother that I want to be. I will never go back to taking anti-depressants in my life. Taking something that is natural also helps me stay on the healthy path of only putting good things into my body. I eat better, drink more water and no longer have trouble getting outside and exercising. I feel like myself again!Thank you SO MUCH Green Flower Botanicals for providing me with a product that quite literally changed my life. You have a life-long customer in me!

    Products used:

    - Brianna, UT

  • My mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, she is 87 years old and this was her second time of a 6 month series of chemo. Due to her age and her decline in health the 2nd round of chemo was cut to less than half of its strength. We weren't given much hope of it going into remission and she was given a few months to live. Meanwhile, we found the Green Flower Botanicals CBD oil and have been administering it on a daily basis, several times a day. Mom's current condition is remission. It has happened quickly and the doctors are amazed. We will continue the Green Flower Botanicals and give God the Glory for this and all of his blessings.

    - Cheryl, FL

  • I was fairly skeptical at first and normally wouldn't consider this product, but two things changed my mind. 1. Comments of people that I know (or know of) on FB, and 2. The fact that one of the owners is someone that I know and believe to be a person of integrity.My primary motivation for trying the product is chronic hip pain, primarily at night, that has gone unrelieved with prescription medication. I was also hopeful that, as a premenopausal woman, the product would help me feel better in general (i.e., less moody, etc.).I have been taking the drops for approximately 2 weeks now, and I must say that I noticed an immediate improvement in my sleep quality and energy level, which improved my mood. I was amazed. I wanted to give it a couple of weeks in order to prevent making a correlation that wasn't really there, but I truly believe that these drops are the reason for my energy. I recently traveled out of state and slept poorly (even these drops can't make a bed more comfortable!) but still felt energized each morning after using the drops. My hip pain is not completely gone, but it is much less pronounced than it was before, even after months of muscle relaxers.It is difficult to explain, but I believe the drops help with a sense of well-being without making you feel numb or like a zombie. I would absolutely recommend this to others, and I plan to continue using the product.

    - Jenifer, FL

  • I have suffered with anxiety & panic attacks along with depression for a long time. I was on prescriptions & I hated the way they made me feel. My daughter hated to see me like this, cause she didn't know what to do for me. I was told about the oils, I admit I was skeptical. I have been taking the CBD Oils since March 10th & the difference is amazing. The anxiety attacks are just about gone along with the depression. It has helped with my sleep instead of being up 15times a night, I'm only up once, I sleep so much better now. I am so thankful for these. And I highly recommend the oils to whoever suffers from anxiety or stress.

    Products used:

    - Brenda, FL

  • Before using the CBD oil that my daughter bought for me, I woke up six to eight times a night with knee pain. Going up and down stairs was almost impossible due to a torn tendon a decade ago. Along with my knee problems, I was chronicly tired and had persistent arthritis.I've been taking CBD oil for six months, and I'm able to sleep all night, my pain is a minimum and stairs, while difficult is no longer impossible.

    - Sammi, FL

  • So far , this product has alleviated anxiety and nausea. Thanks Greenflower!

    - Karen, VA

  • After taking Jet Fuel for 5 days my bursitis in my elbow disappeared! I had been taking anti-inflammatories with mixed results. Highly recommend as a natural alternative to ease inflammation.

    - Jim, FL

  • From the 1st week I started using Green Flower Botanicals I noticed improvements in my sleep. I tried both the Blue Dream Strain as well as the Full Spectrum 750. My favorite is the MCT Oil Full Spectrum as I am able to relax and sleep best with it. Not only do I fall asleep sooner, I sleep longer and deeper. Great Product. Definitely need to keep this as part of my routine!

    Products used:

    - Marissa, FL

  • I want to thank Jess and Seena Platt Scarborough for introducing my family to Green Flower Botanical's. Their CBD oils are outstanding. I have been suffering with severe hives for sometime now. I had one come up on my eye the other day that was super painful. I used one of the Watermelon Kush Products and immediately the pain went away...the redness and inflammation followed shortly after. We use some of the higher strengths for acute and chronic pain and to help with our occasional insomnia from stress or pain.

    - RobbieLynn, FL

  • CBD oil has been a game-changer for me. I find myself with much less anxiety and a real sense of energy and focus throughout the day. I highly recommend Green Flower. They shipped quick and the process was super easy. I will definitely be back for more!

    Products used:

    - Jeff, FL

  • I suffer from chronic lower back pain and nreve pain down my right calf. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I had took cbd oil before but it had not helped that much for pain from a different company. I decided to try the specific strain and I have noticed a decrease in pain,spasms and depression. I have cut back on my opiods and eliminated my topomax.. I hated topomax's side effects anyway..these cbd oils are a lot more pure and effective than others I have tried.. they both work great for pain and depression. I no longer take my depression medication I've been on for 15 yrs and hopefully can come off ALL of my pain medications. It is true, that you get what you pay for and this is a great product.. will be trying different strains to find one that doesn't make me drowsy. It's great to have something that actually helps pain more than actual pain medication. I was dealing more with nerve pain, so, opiods doesn't really help with that much. I also have been able to cut out my Ativan at night to help me sleep. CBD oil helps with it ALL!

    Products used:

    - Tanya, AL

  • I have PTSD because of combat in Vietnam, and this product significantly reduces my anxiety and depression. Will be ordering more and letting my friends know about this product!

    - Hilton, FL

  • I suffer from chronic pain all over everyday for 12 yrs..I use to take 4-6 Aleve 2 times a day just so I could get up and going. I started this CBD oil about 3 weeks ago and I have not had any RX or over the counter pain pills. Don't need them now. CBD is the best ever. Just need a larger cheaper so I can get a quart at a time..seriously. In my case it must stay in my system and it depends on why you need it, but don't stop after a few drops. Start and keep taking it and you will see a difference. I am not a robot or a plant, I am 56 yr old woman who lives in TX just trying to have a better quality of life. I will gladly take any unused products if you decide you don't want the wonderful benefits of using Green Flower Botanicals products.Thanks so much Green Flower and Rich for all the great help on line and on the phone. Great customer service. Got my order as they said about 3 days and you can track it. Try and enjoy as I have. Will be placing 3rd order as soon as their new product is up for sale. It is a vape.

    Products used:

    - Laura, TX

  • I bought this thinking it would help with my back pain. It was a long shot because I know my back pain is due to a structural issue with my spine but I figured I'd give it a try. The result: no change. Back pain is still there. However, here's a big surprise: I was taking OTC meds for acid reflux. When I started the CBD oil, it took me about a week or so to realize I wasn't having reflux anymore! I quit the CBD oil for several days, the reflux came back, then I started back on the CBD and the reflux went away. I'm totally psyched about this. It's not 100%. If I have some super spicy jalepeno burrito with extra habenero sauce, then I will see some reflux, but I can now eat regular BBQ without major drama. Very happy.

    Products used:

    - Bob, MA

  • After my husband passed away I began taking care of my mom who is 99. She is in the beginning stages of dimentia. I am up and down with her all through the night and stay stressed during the day. I am living under a lot of stress and anxiety. I started taking Green Flower Botanical full spectrum 500 mg. I feel more rested during the day. Stress level is down. I am able to rest better at night. I feel that this product is just what I needed. Thanks guys.

    Products used:

    - Janet, FL

  • So I purchased CBD 3 weeks ago for my older dog Brie (Chesapeake Bay Retriever 12 1/2 yrs old) who has been going down hill at a moderate pace the past 3-4 months. She has been lame in both shoulders and getting weaker in the hindend. She was also not acting her happy self and not getting up to greet people as normal. She is and has been a healthy older dog.I had tried several different NSAIDS without much change in her comfort. Gabapentin has helped some but not enough, plus to high of a dose made her to sleepy.After the 1st week on CBD I noticed that she wasn't acting so depressed and that she was starting to interact a little more. I have 2 ways to gage how she is feeling. 1 is when she lays down if she is painful she groans or if really bad will let herself flop down. The 2nd is how far she can go on her walks.In April we were going 2 1/2 - 3 miles at about a 17 minute mile. By the beginning of July we were only doing 1 -1 1/2 miles at 20 -22 minutes per mile. Last weekend (2 weeks of using CBD) we did a 3 mile walk at about 18 -19 minute mile and today (3 weeks on CBD) we did 2 1/2 miles at 17 minutes!Her hindend weakness is dramatically better, she laying down without groaning and she is back to her happy self and getting up to greet people!She still has front-end lameness which we have diagnosed as tendonitis in her shoulders. That will take some time to heal but her comfort level at this time is much improved. She still takes gabapentin a fairly low dose and a small dose of Metacam (a liquid NSAID that I can easily change the amt so she only gets what she needs that day).I am very happy with the results I have seen in a short time of using CBD ! And Brie thanks you too !

    Products used:

    - Karen, NY

  • I would like to announce that my 1yr old son has been seizure free for an entire week of only using this product for 7 days. We have been in and out of the hospital and labs, testing, doctors, you name it and we have damn near went through it for most of his life. I live in a state where of course no laws are passed and I was very hesitant on going this route for months now. My son has had muscle spasms and seizures since 3 months of age with no answers and is now 15 months. He usally has 2-3 a week that last anywhere from 10-45 mins then is out of it for the next 24 hrs which leads him not being active by no means. So in all I would like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you! You have given this mother some piece of mind knowing just so far my son is seizure free and hopefully every week following leads with the same result. If only I would have listened and started sooner. Sincerely once again my son and I truly thank you for this successful product!

    Products used:

    - Teddie, IA

  • I am very pleased to say that both of the CBD oils I tried worked very well. In addition to bringing me pain relief and better sleep, I found that my mood improved.........a lot! Today I received the new vape pen with full spectrum hemp oil. In addition to being a very classy instrument, the vape pen delivers a fine mist of oil with a very pleasant taste. Very easy to use also.Thank you all so much. Be very proud to produce these products that really help in so many ways.

    Products used:

    - Karen, FL

  • The quality of this oil is undeniable! You can smell the pine notes through the bottle when you first open the package it was shipped in. Once you take a few drops to coat your mouth with you'll feel a slight rush that relaxes you without making you feel tired in any way. It tastes amazing too! I'm glad I didn't start out with one of the more fruity flavors or I might've drank it like a 5-hour energy drink.I harped on this oil so much to my friend that he convinced me to let him have it. Immediately I called Rich and ordered another bottle. This time, Blue Dream...If you have any questions whatsoever about this oil, or the oil you've mistakenly bought thinking it was good quality, Rich is your personal subject matter expert.Great product! Great service! Fast shipping! The way online shopping should be.

    Products used:

    - Rashod, MD

  • I am disabled due to chronic pain associated with a bad back, neck and I also have body wide fibromyalgia-like muscle pain. It can be very severe and extremely hard to control. As a result I am a pain management patient. When I first started taking Green Flower’s CBD oils I was astounded that I was able to cut the amount of prescription opioids I was taking by half. It clearly made my medicine much more effective. Beyond that I really like the way vaping the oils makes me feel as my mood can be easily affected by my pain level. I I think Green Flower has the best CBD based products on the market. It’s clear to me that they care about their products because they care about their customers and I wouldn’t buy my CBD oil anywhere else.

    - Guy, FL

  • I have a painful nerve condition in my face that prescribed medication has only taken the edge off. I've lived with this pain for four years. It affects my teeth, gums, and tongue. It often leads to massive head pain as well. Even after seeking surgery to repair the nerves I have suffered from this pain. ACDC oil has been a LIFESAVER! I'm finally able to feel normal again. Thank you!!

    Products used:

    - Bonnie, NV