Terpene Profile: Humulene

Terpene Profile: Humulene

Photo Credit: The Leaf Online

Formula: C15H24

Molecular Mass: 204.35106 g/mol

Boiling Point: 198 °C (388 °F)

Vapor Pressure: 0.01 mmHg ( 25 °C)

LD50 (Lethal Dose): Unknown, estimated to be 45 mg/kg (Compare to Nicotine: for mice – 3mg/kg,  for humans – 40–60 mg/kg)

Humulene is one of the predominant terpenes in Humulus Lupulus, common hops, from which it gets its name; it’s also found in cannabis, sage, and ginseng. Humulene is also commonly called α-humulene or α-caryophyllene. While humulene is related to β-caryophyllene it is a different isomer with distinct properties, and it has yet to be recognized as a dietary cannabinoid. Like caryophyllene, humulene is a sesquiterpene made of three isoprene units, but it does not contain a cyclobutane ring.

Humulene is like most other cannabinoids and terpenes in that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. It also displays anti-cancer properties. Humulene is unique because, like THCv, it acts as an appetite suppressant, making it promising for weight loss treatments.


Humulene_(terpenoid)Therapeutic Uses

  • Analgesic – Relieves pain.
  • Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically.
  • Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.
  • Anorectic – Appetite suppressant, promotes weight loss.




CBD Strains containing Humulene

ACDC 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Granddaddy Purple 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Jet Fuel 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

OG Kush 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Pineapple Express 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil 

Tahoe OG  100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil


Halent 2011 – Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Chart

Halent 2011 – Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Chart

Credit: Mitchell Colbert at Leaf Online.