Green Flower Botanicals, an industry leader in the extraction of phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil products, announces the release of a new THC-Free, high-absorption, CBD vape pen.

The vaporizer pens, also known as vapes, are designed to maximize the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) to the immune system, increasing the overall effectiveness of each dosage.

Vaporizing pens work just like the larger vaporizers prescribed by Doctors for cannabis therapy, only in a compact design. Green Flower Botanical’s new vape pen can easily be carried by slipping it in a front pocket or purse. Unlike smoking, a vaporizer does not create smoke but rather heats a precise dose of CBD oil until it atomizes creating a vapor that is then inhaled. A study by the University of California, San Francisco, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found that “there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products using the vaporizing device”.

Cannibidiol, also known as CBD, is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant (cannabis sativa l.) to help treat a variety of medical conditions without the euphoric effects of THC. Green Flower’s motto, “All Health – No High”, was born out of the company’s commitment to offer the highest quality phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oils, without the “high” normally associated with marijuana usage. Unlike marijuana, which is still illegal in many states, Green Flower Botanical’s cannabis oils are extracted from hemp, and are legal in all 50 states without a prescription.

Rich Carey, GFB’s co-founder states, “We offer an alternative to medical marijuana for people who want the benefits of full spectrum cannabis oil but without the high caused by THC.“

Carey remarks, “Our customers use CBD oil to treat everything from anxiety and chronic pain, to epileptic seizures and even cancer. When you’re fighting serious illness, you not only need a high potency CBD cannabis oil, you need an effective delivery system to maximize the effects of that oil. Vaporizing maximizes the bio-availability of the CBD and provides a much faster onset than other delivery systems.“

Carey explains, “To really understand the benefits of vaping as compared to other delivery systems, consider that CBD when swallowed in a pill or capsule form, will only have about a 6% – 15% bio-availability, meaning 85% – 94% of the product is lost in the gastro-intestinal process and filtered out by the liver. On the other hand, a sub-lingual tincture has a bio-availability rate in the range of 35% – 40%. Still better yet, vaporizing gives the best performance of any delivery system, with a total absorption rate closer to 50%-60%.”

“At the end of the day, this is about our continuing commitment to give our customers the very best in phyto-cannabinoid products. Our new vaporizer pen is the most convenient and effective way to deliver high CBD content directly to the body. The increased bio-availability of this delivery system means our customer will get more active cannabinoids per dose for the same dollar spent.”

Vaporizer pens go on sale starting July 2017 and come prepackaged with a 100mg CBD oil cartridge in one of 5 different strain flavors:

Sour Diesel

Tangerine Haze

Lemon Haze

Bubble Gum

Natural Hemp

Each vaporizer kit comes with the following:

  • .5ml 510 Pyrex glass cartridge pre-filled with full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene-rich hemp oil in a coconut MCT oil base.
  • 100mg of CBD (less than .3% THC)
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Variable temperature lithium battery with 3 heat settings for maximum control (low, med, high).
  • USB battery charger (plugs into any powered USB port).  Fully charges in 1-2 hours.
  • Convenient, child-proof carrying case