9 Reasons To Add CBD Oil To Your Equine Health Kit

More and more people are discovering the amazing health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol). The research behind CBD as a treatment for various health conditions is compelling. In 2017 alone, the National Institute of Health supported 330 research projects totaling over $140 million on cannabinoid research. CBD has been researched as a treatment for everything from anxiety, pain, epilepsy and even cancer. What you may not have known is those effects are not limited to humans but extend to all mammals, including your household pets and your beloved horse.  

More and more horse owners are turning to CBD because of its versatility in treating a number of common ailments.  In this brief article, we will layout the 9 most popular reasons to consider the health benefits of CBD and why it should be included in every horse owner’s equine health kit. 



9 Ways CBD Oil Can Improve Your Horse’s Health


Horses Suffering with Inflammation

CBD has been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This effect can help injured horses heal faster and reduce the pain associated with inflammation caused by various health conditions.  


Horses with Anxiety or Aggressive Behavior

Just like humans, our equine friends may experience either behavioral or situational anxiety. CBD oil has been shown to have anti-anxiety properties and is capable of improving moods in both animals and humans. According to anecdotal reports, horses become calm, more playful and friendly after ingesting CBD oil. 


Horses with Spasms and Seizures 

In humans, CBD has been shown to work great in controlling epileptic episodes even in patients that are resistant to normal medication. There is even an FDA approved drug called Epidiolex specifically for this. Just like humans, full spectrum CBD oil can also help your horse by reducing the severity and frequency of seizures and spasms.


Horses with Appetite and Digestive Issues

If you are having trouble getting your horse to eat, due to indigestion, bloating, nausea, heartburn or even ulcers, pure CBD oil may be the answer. Animal studies show that CBD oil is able to reduce nausea and vomiting in subjects, even in cases of symptomatic side effects caused by other drugs/toxins. 


Horses with Joint and Mobility Issues

Horses are highly physical animals, and as they get older, they develop conditions such as arthritis, desmitis, colic and laminitis, etc. CBD oil has proven to have potent anti-nociceptive effects in various animal models of arthritis and is now considered a potential therapeutic target for joint and mobility issues in horses. 


Horses with Skin Issues

CBD oil works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent and can be applied topically to treat skin various skin conditions and help wounds heal faster. 


Horses with Cancer

Research shows that CBD oil has anti-cancer qualities and has demonstrated potential to inhibit, slow down, and even kill uncontrollable cancer cell growth. A quality effective in reducing the spread of tumors. Horses can suffer from various types of cancer. Most notably, skin cancer, sarcoids, lymphoma, melanoma etc.


Pain Relief in Horses

CBD has been shown to have powerful analgesic properties and is capable of reducing pain by inhibiting pain signals fired by the affected cells. CBD oil can be used to treat and control chronic pain. 


General Health and Homeostasis in Horses

The endocannabinoid system helps to maintain homeostasis – the ability of the body to function within safe limits. When you start dosing your horse with CBD oil for a specific condition, you may notice an improvement in their general well-being besides the area you were specifically targeting. This is CBD oil at work, actively promoting homeostasis, by interacting with the ECS in many and intricate ways.


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