Durban Poison – 100mg Full Spectrum VG CBD Oil

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Durban Poison – 100 MG TOTAL CBD – 15 ML BOTTLE

Introducing our new STRAINS product line – infused with strain-specific terpene profiles!

Custom formulated using natural plant terpenes to recreate and simulate the profile of the popular Durban Poison strain.

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This sublingual/vape oil contains 100mg of phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids from the natural plant.  We infuse this into a kosher-grade vegetable glycerin base and further enhance it with even more natural, strain specific plant terpenes to produce a high quality, pure, lab-tested, CBD-rich oil with the flavor and benefits of this popular medical cannabis strain, but without the “high” or potential negative effects of THC!

You’ll taste and feel the difference!

  • 100mg of active phyto-cannabinoids. Our active component contains:
    • Approximately 75% CBD
    • <1% CBG, CBC, CBD-A
    • .15% THC (1/2 legal limit for hemp products)
  • Natural plant terpenes found in the “Durban Poison” cannabis profile
  • Kosher-grade vegetable glycerin base for sublingual or vape use
  • Sensory profile: earthy, pine, sweet
  • Recommended DAYTIME use
  • 15ml glass bottle with dropper

Check out our STRAINS WHEEL for other strain options/benefits.

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3 reviews for Durban Poison – 100mg Full Spectrum VG CBD Oil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brianna Garner

    I have been suffering from post-partum depression for well over a year now after having my daughter. Anxiety and depression became such a struggle for me that I couldn’t get things done during the day and could barely bring myself to take care of my daughter, let alone play with her or take her outside to do things. I am very outdoorsy and LOVE being outside, so wanting to not move or go outside was very unlike me and extremely hard to deal with. I began seeing a phycologist and he prescribed me with numerous different medications for anxiety and depression. I hated this because I believe lifestyle and what I consume could help fix these issues and I was VERY against prescription medications.. I just didn’t know what else do to and wanted a quick fix.

    After well over 6 months of struggling mentally and emotionally to handle the ups and downs that come with taking anti-depressants I finally decided that I would do WHATEVER it took to heal myself WITHOUT having to take these nasty medications that made me more anxiety-ridden and depressed if I didn’t take it on time. I had heard of CBD oil and decided to look more into it.

    After a lot of research and searching I finally came across Green Flower Botanicals. I knew I wanted a full spectrum oil, but when I found their strain-specific oils (something I had never seen on ANY other site) I was immediately drawn in. I loved it shows the qualities of each strain and what it works best for.

    I ordered the Durban Poison strain to combat my stress, depression, and fatigue that I had been experiencing for so long. It came in the mail extremely fast and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how effective it was on just the first does. I hadn’t taken any anti-depressentants that day and was understandably feeling very lethargic and down because of it. I took the recommended dose of 3-5 drops, only taking 3 to start, thinking that I would definitely need more. But in less than 20 minutes I could physically feel my anxiousness and sadness lift. I was so surprised that I was able to feel it with the minimum dosage and on the first time trying it. I immediately was raving about it to my friends and family that I had talked about CBD oil with previously. I was that happy about it.

    I have been continually taking about 3-5 drops twice a day and it is amazing how effective it is. I don’t feel the weight in my chest holding me back anymore, or the intense feeling of doubt and stress anytime I even think about needing to do something. I move easier throughout my day and my happiness levels have gone up tremendously. I can’t even describe how happy I am that I found something NATURAL to combat my severe anxiety, depression and fatigue. I have more desire and energy to play with my daughter and be the mother that I want to be. I will never go back to taking anti-depressants in my life. Taking something that is natural also helps me stay on the healthy path of only putting good things into my body. I eat better, drink more water and no longer have trouble getting outside and exercising. I feel like myself again!

    Thank you SO MUCH Green Flower Botanicals for providing me with a product that quite literally changed my life. You have a life-long customer in me!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rashod Johnson (verified owner)

    The quality of this oil is undeniable! You can smell the pine notes through the bottle when you first open the package it was shipped in. Once you take a few drops to coat your mouth with you’ll feel a slight rush that relaxes you without making you feel tired in any way. It tastes amazing too! I’m glad I didn’t start out with one of the more fruity flavors or I might’ve drank it like a 5-hour energy drink.

    I harped on this oil so much to my friend that he convinced me to let him have it. Immediately I called Rich and ordered another bottle. This time, Blue Dream…

    If you have any questions whatsoever about this oil, or the oil you’ve mistakenly bought thinking it was good quality, Rich is your personal subject matter expert.

    Great product! Great service! Fast shipping! The way online shopping should be.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kim Scheel (verified owner)

    Love using this product – although too much makes my heart race!

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