Study: More People Using CBD To Replace Prescription Drugs

Once again, CBD is making headlines as an effective alternative to traditional prescription drugs. This week, the Brightfield Group, an independent marketing research firm, released their summary findings from a joint research study with HelloMD. The study was conducted using a sample of 2400 HelloMD participants and was aimed at better understanding the CBD market, […]

Green Flower Botanicals Announce New THC-Free Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Pens

Green Flower Botanicals, an industry leader in the extraction of phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil products, announces the release of a new THC-Free, high-absorption, CBD vape pen. The vaporizer pens, also known as vapes, are designed to maximize the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) to the immune system, increasing the overall effectiveness of each dosage. Vaporizing pens […]

Olivia Newton John using CBD Hemp oil to treat breast cancer

Olivia Newton-John Announces Cannabis CBD Oil Use for Breast Cancer Treatment

Olivia Newton-John Announces Cannabis Oil Use for Breast Cancer Treatment Back in the 1990s, the world was shocked and saddened to hear Olivia Newton-John was facing a breast cancer battle but she came through and entered remission. Sadly, cancer has now returned and Newton-John announced she would be treating the issue with some natural wellness […]

The Sacred Plant Documentary Coupon Code

The Sacred Plant Documentary – SACRED20 Discount Coupon on all Cannabis Oils

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 17, 2017 Green Flower Botanicals Announces Special Discount Code for Viewers of “The Sacred Plant” Docu-series. With all the excitement behind the new 7 episode documentary “The Sacred Plant”, we thought we would jump into the fun with a special offer for viewers and fans. For a limited time, viewers can use […]

Medical Marijuana Alternative? Green Flower Botanicals Announce New Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Strains with Terpenes

Medical Marijuana Alternative? Green Flower Botanicals Announce New Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Strains with Terpenes Valrico, Florida – Green Flower Botanicals, a nutrient and botanicals company announces their new strain specific, hemp oil tinctures and vape products. If you have ever visited a medical marijuana dispensary you will be familiar with the many different strains […]

1,000 Seizures A Day To 30: How Cannabis Oil Gave Life To This Toddler

  At just two months old, Josie Mathes began having seizures. About a month later, she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a magnified form of childhood epilepsy, and was suffering up to 1,000 seizures a day. After being prescribed seven medications, all of which… Link: 1,000 Seizures A Day To 30: How Cannabis Oil Gave […]

Health At All Costs: 3 Natural Solutions For Anxiety at Every Price Point

The difference between supplements and a prescription quick-fix is that these all-natural anxiety busters can — and should — become a regular part of your routine. Instead of sedating, they work with your body’s chemistry to cool the fire and so we can calmly deal with the cause of anxiety, not just the feeling of […]

Natural cannabinoid found to play key role in anxiety

Endocannabinoids help the brain to adapt to stress, and new research shows that the 2-arachidonoylglycerol endocannabinoid plays a key role in anxiety. More than 40 million U.adults (or 18 percent of the entire population) live with anxiety disorders, including clinical depression, panic disorders, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Link: Natural cannabinoid found to play […]