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Green Flower Botanicals is a fresh new face in the nutraceuticals arena.  At Green Flower Botanicals, we believe that customized, natural medicine is the best medicine. Our vision is to create quality cannabidiol (CBD) and natural hemp terpene-infused products that are an effective form of alternative treatment for those who may want to avoid the unwanted side effects of powerful pharmaceutical drugs.

lab-vialsOur products are produced using holistic, lab-tested, natural ingredients.  Our natural, plant-based products are formulated using the pure full-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) rich hemp oils, and other nutraceutical grade ingredients and contain less than .3% THC, making them legal to purchase and use in all 50 states.

Our products are available predominantly through this website, but we are working to expand into many different industries, including but not limited to smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries, health food chain stores, chiropractic offices, physicians, veterinarians, and various medical facilities.   We invite inquiries from resellers who may want to carry our products in their retail locations for wholesale pricing.

We are actively working on many more CBD products to introduce to the market, including a new CBD skin care line, pets and veterinary line, and other exciting revolutionary products.  Keep checking back often, and thanks for stopping by!

Halent 2011 – Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Chart

Halent 2011 – Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Chart